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Sketch Art

Here you'll find my sketches and pencil art, or charcoal and chalk pastel, if that's the case. I haven't gotten into the habit of inking my art yet, as I keep making a horrible mess all over everything, so you won't find any of that here.

A sketch I did back in my high school art class. Done with charcoal and pastel chalk.

Another sketch done with charcoal and pastel chalk.

My first ever attempt at a self portriate turns out looking more like Courteny Love then me..I made the face too wide, and the eyes and nose too big.

...and here's the second attempt. This one looks alot more like me, but I did it from mirror instead of photo, so I couldn't hold a smile for too long, My cheeks kept cramping. Don't say a word, Dad.

This is a really old character of mine, Fyhre. If she looks familiar to you, it's probably because I took a few of my favorite ElfQuest characters and mixed them up. Pencil.