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Photos I like of me and my friends and family are put here just for fun. Most of these pictures are big, because Tripod doesn't have a thumbnail command or code that I know of, so bare with me till I get Dreamweaver. Scroll over the pictures to read what they are, or my comments on them.

Me, in the kitchen, on Feb 11th, 2003. Glasses.

Datchi, lookin cute in my "pink" lazyboy chair.

Yes, I graduated, class of 2000. Be in awe of my devil cat....ooOOOooooo......

Me in graduation gear again. Treasure this photo, as you'll likely not see me in makeup again....mmm....flowers...

Ok, I don't want to hear anything about dimples, got it? Taken around July 4th, on the road infront of my house sometime in 99.


Smudge again, lookin up at me all sleepy.
Smudge, lookin cute on my bed. I just woke him up.

My mom and I went on a camping trip together. It was a BLAST, I had tons of fun. Oh, the joy of bonding.

Can you tell that I take most of the pictures of me...by myself? I dunno how to work the timer on the digital camera, so sue me. Another pic of me, in the kicthen...I have long hair in this one, so it has to be sometime around 99 to 2000.

Me, in my brother's room using his computer, 11-20-99. Greeeen....