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Meet My Family

Meet my family. (Isn't it amazing I wasn't adopted?)

This is a picture I took of my mom at Tina and Kevin's wedding. It got me an A in Photography that week.

My mother, Brigette L. Ruthe

My mom is a fantastic person who I greatly adore. She's worked as a secretary for most of my life, and now stays at home playing in the downstairs garage with powertools, wood stains, or is in the garden planting more flowers or working with the ones she has, or playing in the work room with her stained glass. I think it's great what she's done with this hobby of hers, she's made a beautiful accent peice for the back porch, a purple Iris set in clear glass, plus she's replaced the upper garage's plain windows with a much prettier design, and now she's working on presents for different members of the family. (At the moment she's working on a piece my Aunt Micky chose, a hummingbird amidst a bunch of flowers) I really look up to my mom, she sets goals and gets them done, she has a heap of stress taking care of the family, organizing chores and making dinner almost every night, and she's still nice and bright and cheerful at the end of the day. It's amazing, lemme tell you, I wouldn't be even a third that pleasent to be around if I had to do everything she does every day. Mom, you're the greatest and I love you for being there for me. And for not killing me when I turn into a snotty little sh*t sometimes, like I know I do eventually.

Kris with a laser-tag type gun...reminds me of a cowboy...

My dad, Scott A. Ruthe

My dad has always been around to make us smile, and almost never misses a chance to blackmail a batch of chocolate chip cookies out of me. He's the main reason we live so comfortably, he's extremely good at what he does and loves to do it. I hope be in that same situation when I get older, doing a job that I love. I've grown up with my dad fixing computers, making "frankenstein" computers with parts from older ones...heck, My first computer was a frankenstein that he made! He's probably the reason that I've decided to learn Graphic and CG Design instead of staying in Fine Arts. I've grown up with computers and am familiar and very comfortable with them. My dad's always been there for me when I needed to ask a question, or needed help with something. He's been the pillar of strength that I knew I could rely on whenever I needed it, asked or not, and if I asked for a new Volkswagon Beetle, blue with automatic transmission and black leather interior with a 6-disc CD player, I know he wouldn't hesitate to comply....Right, Dad?...No? Well, Shoot.....never hurts to try, `tho, right?

Kris with a laser-tag type gun...reminds me of a space cowboy...

Kristoffer M. Ruthe

Kris is my older brother, who's more like a friend in most ways. Except when it's time to do our weekend chores and we argue about who does what this weekend...but besides that, he's a good friend. Right now he's going to the same college I'm at (I followed him there, in fact) and he's studying computer programming, I believe. He's interested in Pagan and Wiccan stuff, as well as some Gothic, and is creative in his own right. We disagree with some when he tries to get me to drink a really thick, green milkshake...but others are actually lots of fun once you get over the unusualness of it. Plus, he's a real sweetie to me at times, which I don't repay him enough for.

My Uncle Mike, his wife Julie, and their sons, Dylan and Brandon.

Uncle Mike and etc...

This is my Uncle Mike and his family; his wife Julie and their two sons, Dylan and Brandon. I enjoy their visits, the boys are just balls of energy and fun to be around. If you ever go to that motorcycle convention, Sturgis (sp?), you might see Mike and Julie riding around. (Oh, btw, Uncle Mike, Mom and Dad want you to send them some motorcycle t-shirts for their Halloween costumes.)

My Aunt Judy

Aunt Judy and etc...

This is my Aunt Judy, a wonderful individual that I look up to. She's a nurse and mother of two teenage boys, Jeremy and Timmy. I haven't got good pictures of them yet, or of Judy's fiance, Steve, but I'll get them eventually.