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Here you'll find updates on my progress on whichever dolls I'm working on at the moment, whose dolls are finished and whose dolls are yet to be worked on.

*NOTICE* Incase you forgot, if you know what kind of material you want your doll made out of, let me know and I'll see about finding it in a store near me. If you haven't a clue what kind of material is what, go to a hobby/craft/material store (ex. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann's Fabrics) and get familiar with what fabric is what, ok? I don't want anyone thinking they're getting , for example, silk and velvet and actually getting burlap and velcro.

Next on my to-do list is to get the portable sewing machine working, then to go out and buy all the supplies I need to start making the practice bears. I'll be making at least 2 to 3 bears, of varying styles for you to choose body types from, but that'll have to wait a little longer due to other family expenses (I can't remember birthdays for the life of me.)

There is now a possible offering of dolls coming in two sizes! Small (7-8 inches tall, from top of the head to bottom of the feet, approx the length of your hand to a little past the wrist) and Large (12-14 inches, same deal, only the length of the hand to the elbow.) Naturally, the Large doll will cost more, as it will take more material to stuff it with and more material to cover it with as well. I'm GUESSING that the Small doll will cost approx 20 to 30 dollars for the supplies, and the Large doll anywhere from 50 to even 70. (Remember, I'M GUESSING HERE! As most of the characters in question have different colored fur and patterns and such, I might have to buy new material for every one of them, that's one of my price reasonings. I won't know prices for certain till I actually start making the practice-dolls, and then I'll be able to post an actual price list.)

People have been asking how I'm going to get the dolls to them, so I guess I'd better cover that. When it's your turn for your doll to be made, you send me money to cover supplies, we talk, I make the doll, and when I'm done I'll pack your doll carefully in a cardboard box filled with peanuts or newspaper scraps and snailmail it to you. Out of preference I like to use express mail, which is 2-3 days from my hands to your door.

List of Doll Orders, FCFS basis,
(first name on the list is next in line.)

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