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Here are people who are my close friends, friends of the family, and basically put up with me.

The Millers

This has got to be one of the most rarest pictures of Jenny ever..I mean, she's actually facing the camera and isn't covering her face! I'm gonna have this bronzed.

Jenni is my best and closest friend. I was really bummed out when her family moved to Wyoming, but they're taking pity on us right now and came to visit for awhile. Jen can do this cool trick where you suck your gum in and it makes a loud popping sound! I keep trying to do it, but usually end up half sucking the gum down my throat instead.

Kent and Becky relaxing on the porch outside.

Kent and Becky are the coolest parents, second only to my own. Becky knows how to make her own fancy looking cakes, which comes in really handy (and tasty) and Kent is amazingly tall. He can thwap you on the back of the head and take three steps and be across the room before you can even turn around...or is that just me?

Tina  and Kevin just had a baby girl, Krynn, who I'll be getting pictures of later( and pics of Kevin, too)

If you ever need help at Target, don't call on Tina. Ok, just kidding. Tina's a great friend (who lets you steal the playstation for weeks) loves smiley faces, and she just had a baby! Krynn, the Buddah baby, who squeals like a little pig. Ok, OK, stop glaring at me like that, geez....Krynn, the sweetest baby I know of, who lays quietly in your arm and hardly makes a fuss. I hope if I ever have kids that they turn out as mild-tempered as I've witnessed Krynn to be. Tina (who I suppose should be called Tina McGinty now)is married to Kevin, I'll get pictures of him later, and the most noticable thing about Kevin is his passion for wrestling. Go fig.

Can you believe Milo managed to get that hat off without the use of surgery?

Milo, when he visits, is like a big brother to me. A big brother that I can kick out of the house, that is. Hehehe...I haven't seen much of him lately, but that's mostly cause he has a night job now and sleeps most of the day...I always knew he was one of the undead...When I do see him he's usually playing on the computer, Role-Playing, and talking to one of the many girls he knows over the internet.

Tiffany Cain

Tiffany, next to her car, wearing her trademark hawaiian(sp?) shirt.

Tiffany's been my friend ever since Middle School, and I still count her as one of my best friends today. I miss her weird dreams about orange oceans and purple fish, our talks about spirit/totem animals, her many cats, and even her love of hermit crabs. I remember telling her about my synesthesia before I even knew it had a name and she didn't laugh (well, yea, she did, but we were all cracking up about it) or call me names or anything, she accepted it like a true friend. We had lots of fun in High School, most of my memories of her are of her wearing her ROTC uniform. It always gave me a fit of giggles remembering her higher status and being able to order around everyone else when she was so much smaller. I think she really enjoyed that, in an evil sort of way. I believe that she's currently in College studying Marine Biology, something that's always interested her. She has a boyfriend of 3 years, Jerry, and is about to "move out of a bad neighborhood and into the boonies." I, who used to live in the boonies, wish her love and the best of luck.

Tiffany's boyfriend, Jerry

Henri Sykes

Henri's too good to me, the beast.

Henri and I have been friends since Nov '01 and have recently become closer then just friends. He's a fantastic artist, his drawing skills amaze me and I can't get enough of his stuff. (He's very sweet to me and "lets" me color them for practice) Whenever I feel the need to vent about something, he listens, and when I need reassurance, he gives it. I LOVE his voice, all grey and brown and soft....delicious. He talks quietly, is optimistic, responsible, mature, kind, and very funny. He's 21, 5'7" (same as me) loves cheesecake as much as I do, and has an affinity for spicy foods, banana pudding, and is ticklish. At the moment he's going to college for a degree in Graphic Design and already has a certificate in Pharmacy Tech. He used to have his own apartment but is currently living with his parents while he saves money to move closer to me. When he gets here he's promised to tutor me in my drawing skills in return for my tutoring him in CG coloring with Photoshop.
(If you want to see his VCL archive, check out my links page, or click on his picture above.)